Giving Blood

Many people consider blood donation but never actually get round to doing it, whether that is down to time, fear or for health reasons. According to statistics, only 4% of UK citizens donate blood. This page is to show you how easy it is to give blood!

This is Andy, our guinea pig. He was a first time donor with a fear of needles but wanted to help. I went along with him to get a better idea of the blood donation process and offer my support. If you’re scared of needles, or are nervous about your first time donating, take a friend! The nursing staff are very welcoming to supporters. Before attending, Andy registered online and signed up for a donation slot at his local drive as a way of reducing his waiting time on the day. Click here for more info on registering and your closest blood drive.


Upon arrival, Andy went to the registration desk and filled out a health check form and read through important information about donating. A few minutes later a blood screen (small pin prick to the finger) was taken to ensure his iron and hemoglobin levels were right for donation. He then settled down on his donation bed where I was able to join him. Although nervous, Andy was surprised at how quickly and relatively pain free the insertion of the needle was. After about 10-15 minutes the blood bag was full! Donors give around 470ml per session – that s less than a pint! He was bandaged, given a drink and something to eat.

“Giving blood was a nerve racking experience to begin. In truth, it was really easy and I had a great sense of pride in myself knowing that I could help change a life” – Andy

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